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Every   child   is   born   into   this   world   with   a   zillion   dreams   in   their hearts. Our   programs   help   them   to   unlock   their   true   potential,   lead   them into   a   journey   of   self-   discovery   and   teach   them   how   to   be   totally passionate   about   whatever   they   are   involved   in   and   guide   them   to follow their passions with unwavering focus and discipline. Great    success    in    life    is    attributed    to    a    holistic    mix    of    right education, interpersonal skills, positive thoughts and core values. Hence   a   lot   of   attention   will   be   given   to   cultivating   powerful   beliefs and    values;    importance    of    creating    wonderful    and    enriching human    relationships,    respect    for    elders,    love    for    the    country, improving self confidence and enjoying the journey of Life. We   will   be   using   a   whole   range   of   exciting   tools   from   cutting   edge mind   empowerment   techniques   like   NLP,   to   fun   teaching   methods like   creative   art,   flash   cards,   storytelling,   music,   theatre,   role   plays, mind   mapping,   AV   presentations,   films   etc.   to   impart   this   truly   one of a kind program. With our success since 2010, Choco Lait Kidz are now planning an entire series of workshops, events, training programs and edutainment modules in schools for children in New Zealand.
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