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S hoba   is   an   experienced   strategic   and   marketing   professional,   building emerging   and   mature   businesses.   She   is   an   expert   in   developing   brand strategy    and    innovative    technique    that    effectively    contribute    to    image building and growth.  Her     expertise     in     consultancy     comes     from     a background   that   spans   a   wide      range   of   industries across   south   east   Asia   and   UK.   She   has   a   proven record   in   efficient   relationship      and   stake   holder management across industries.  She    is    trained    in    Behavioural    science    and    also conducts   workshops   on   leadership   and   motivation &   is   a      transformational   speaker.   Shoba’s   expertise   extends   to   running sessions   on   Personal   &   Professional   Development   in   New   Zealand.      She has    been    associated    with    Edenz    Colleges,    New    Zealand    and    has    an outstanding   record   in   creating   and   delivering   sessions   on   PPF   (personal and   professional   formation)   to   large   number   of   students   from      multi- cultural   bacdrop.   She   provides   a   holistic   approach   to   life   which   strikes   a balnace betwen academic and practical world. As    a    co-founder    of    Chocolait    Productions    Pvt    Ltd,    Shoba    has    carried      extensive   research   in   the   area   of   child   welfare   and   has   been   instrumental in   bringing   out   lifeskill   programs   and   several   wellness   campaigns   for   over 7 years. The   Launch   of   the   edutainment   DVD   “Sweet   Values”   for   children,   has   won her   great      recognition.   Self-motivation,   out   of   the   box   thinking,   inviolable belief   in   herself,      competitive   drive   is   what   makes   Shoba   an   innovisionary personality.
Background and Current Offerings in New Zealand: Shoba   &   Sonu   are   a   well   acclaimed   creative   couple,   associated   with   several   prestigious   organizations   for   over   two   decades   as consultants   under   the   banner   of      “The   Blue   Banana”   and   “ShobSonu”.      They   are   known   for   their   insight,   innovation,      integrity   and professionalism.   “ShobSonu”   focusses   on   building   brands   and   building   relationships.   It   offers   effective   branding   solutions   that   offer   strategic   planning and   development,   visual   brand   identity,   concept   development,   graphic   &   web   designing,   films,   conceptualized   photography   and events. Community outreach programs, specialised workshops and CSR activities also form an integral part of the offerings. As   co-founders   and   directors   of   Choco   Lait   Kidz,   the   couple   have   been   deeply   involved   in   imparting   life   skills   and   values   to   children through edutainment since 2010. With   the   great   success   of   Choco   Lait   Kidz,   the   couple   shifted   base   from   India   to   New   Zealand   in   2014   to   take   the   CKZ   movement   to greater   heights.   They   spent   3   years   by   intergrating   with   the   New   Zealand   community,   offering   their   expertise   and   understanding   the needs.   Now,   as   NZ   residents,   Sonu   &   Shoba   are   fully      geared   to   impliment   the   CKZ   programs   in   New   Zealand   and   produce   programs   to benefit the community at large.
S onu    brings    a    broad    professional    experience    in    creative    and    effective branding   solutions.      He   is   a   communications   specialist   with   rich   expertise in   media   and   advertising.      He   is   a   passionate   photographer,   filmmaker and     director     and     has     etched     several     visually     captivating     branding solutions and social awareness films. In addition to providing consultancy, he has worked in advertising, films and television industry in senior management roles in south east Asia and the middle east. Sonu has  been an integral part of a feature film which has won the national award for the best  feature film of the year.   He has also been the branding and communication specialist in East Tamaki Healthcare, a leading healthcare  company in New Zealand.  Sonu who is also a co-founder of Chocolait Productions Pvt Ltd, has been actively involved  in the technical aspects of creation of wellness campaigns and the DVD “Sweet Values”.  Creativity, adaptability, flexibility backed with organizational ability sets Sonu apart.
K.S.Sonu Kumar •	Media and Advertising •	Film  and Television  expertise •	Production •	Direction •	Conceptualised photography •	Designing Shoba Sonukumar •	Management consultancy - Branding and strategic marketing •	Advertising •	Personal and professional development •	Media content creation •	Visualising •	Direction •	Stakeholder management •	Event management
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